A downloadable tool for Windows

After I tried out music editors like Mario Paint,  DefleMask and Team Fortress Paint, I decided to make one myself just so I can make music for my own games.

This is just a prototype for now, so there's no way to export music other than recording it with any other tool like videos or audios and converting it to MP3 via tools like Audacity.  But you guys can try it out and give feedback on what to fix and suggest.

As for the instructions, you can press F1 in the editor to see em'.

Issues I gotta bring up for now:

-In this editor, you can save and load your music. Keep in mind tho, that it's still in progress, so don't click Cancel on the browsing window when you save or load files, or it'll crash! I'll be fixing that soon.

-There may be sounds that lets out a bit of noise at the end. I have to catch up and soften them up.

That's it for now. If you make music with this, you can send me your work so I can listen to it. That is, if ya like. So go out and make music with it! Expect updates soon!


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play button doesn't work?

Dang! Thanks for telling that. For now ti' I fix that, you can press P or Space to play.

i have a suggestion: make the scale based on the actual western scale of a-g with halfsteps. then i can actually make a song with it

Gotcha! Hm. I would try checking that out.

In the mantime, updated the program!