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Quite a small game I made for #lostcartridgejam 2019! I did the art and the bit of music and sounds.

You play as the office man Jacques, who roams around a corporate building taking out some drones who are taking over the company. How you do it? Either push things into them or push em' down!


Your way to defeat an enemy is by pushing a block into them to squish them. Either that or if there's a pit, push them there! His jumping is tricky, because he lacks momentum. So watch where you'll land!  There are 20 levels, plus a bonus. at the end. After that last one, you'll go straight bat at the beginning and take on the building again!


WSAD - Move

Space - Jump

J - Push - you can push enemies too!

Tools & Programs Used:

-Engine: Game Maker Studio 1.4

-Music: DefleMask

-Sounds: Bfxr

NOTE: Can't see in a small window? Press F12 to change window size or turn it FullScreen!

Since I had a short deadline there might be bugs roamin' around. Ill be updating it later. In the meantime... I'll tell you a little secret: Pause and type down a code. What code? It's something something of a ko, a bit of a na. and a bit of a mee. Care to figure that out?


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NES style is irresistible


I love how authentically black box NES this game feels. That jump does take some getting used to. 

I feel like the player is called upon to use that jump in tricky situations a little too early in the game; before they're used to it. I also feel like it'd be nice to have some work-around for situations where the player has made a level unwinnable and are forced to kill themselves on a monster to retry. Especially when those situations happen early on, like with a missed box drop.

Then again, I'm talking about matters of fine-tuning in a game that was completed in a 72-hour window. Just the fact that I'm able to nitpick small details is a testament to how solid this game is already.

Good stuff. And now I'm going to go back in and try out that magic code.


Tried it.


^^ Thanks for the critique! Boy that was a challenge. And neat! Ya found the code.